Why the trade loves Alutech bifolding doors

One of the most recent folding sliding door brands to provide genuine benefits to builders, installers and the trade are Alutech bifolding doors. Affordable, yet with all the features of premier bifolds at a more expensive price, Alutech bifolds deliver the required look to any property project. Here’s why if you’re in the market to buy aluminium bifolds, Alutech bifolding doors provide several benefits.

Alutech bifolding doors design and quality

alutech bifolding doors fitted in a detached house extension

The latest generation and cutting-edge folding sliding door system, Alutech bifolding doors use high quality aluminium profiles, with a deep thermal break and durable, professionally applied powder coated colour finish. Energy efficiency, therefore, is excellent with the doors providing U-Values or Door Energy Ratings meeting current Building Regulations for your building projects.

With top-end rollers and guides, locks and hardware, Alutech doors come with a smooth slide and fold action, positive closing and excellent sealing.

Therefore, with our expert craftsmanship and correct installation, you can promise your clients a reliable bifolding door that’s easy to live with every day.

Trueglide manufacture this high quality door system in our factory, promising the best fit and finish for a reliable product and one that’s low maintenance. We provide a range of standard colours and our doors come at reliable lead times and competitive prices.

Where you can use Alutech bifolding doors

Using a 73mm deep outer frame, Alutech bifolding doors are well-suited to the replacement of old aluminium, PVCu or timber with minimal disruption to the internal plaster line. Of course, this convenient frame depth also makes them ideal for new build installations.

The design of Alutech means they work as the main door out to the garden on smaller properties. Here, it’s worth configuring these with a traffic door, letting the client using just one leaf for garden access without having to fold the panels back every time.

Of course, they’re perfect as part of a larger home with more than one door to the garden or first floor inward opening doors. One of the benefits of Alutech bifolding doors is we can make them as matching side or double doors. As a result, your property projects get doors with the same matching lines for utility rooms, downstairs study or anywhere a house would have a door.

For front doors, we combine these with a decorative panel in a modern or traditional style. Alternatively, there’s a midrail option for glass above and panel below or a fully glazed design such as in a front porch.

Simple and convenient installation with Alutech bifolds

Just like the more expensive brands, Alutech bifolding doors come with an adjustable frame jamb, making installation a breeze. The adjustable jamb takes up the tolerance of the door panels and is useful on larger built openings where sometimes there can be inaccuracies across its width.

The adjustable frame jamb you’ll find saves time on site and creates a better adjusted door set overall.

Alutech bifolding doors – the styling modern homes and clients expect

alutech bifold door profiles shown on section

Another excellent reason to use Alutech bifolding doors is for their styling and sightlines. This brand is slimmer than many brands such as Reynaers, Origin, Aluk and Smart Systems.

The mullion sightline is just 120mm – the same as the German-designed Schuco bifold and with very similar appearance. Alutech bifolds therefore provide an affordable solution to this more expensive product with no loss of features. Even the door panels go up to 1.2m wide and 3.0m high just like the German brand.

Overall the design of the doors is one that’s contemporary with pleasing flatline appearance to the frame and door sashes. It’s a look that works well both in charachter properties as well as modern homes.

Security and weather protection with Alutech folding sliding doors

Alutech bifolding doors meet customer requirements for secure and resilient bifolding doors. The locking system features the Alulock system. Alulock has six locking points as well as a high security star-rated cylinder.

The locking system provides excellent security to the main leaf . Glass is safety glass of course and securely glazed from inside the door set.

For the intermediate panels and adding to the great security are lever latches. These are activated by rotary handles and engage bolts at the top and bottom. The rotary handles are designed so as not to interfere with the door panels in the fully folded position.

Finishing off the doors are high quality lever handles available in five different colours.

For weather sealing, we use a combination of ledge seals and vulcanized corners that together form two closed sealing contours around the sashes.

Alutech door combinations

alutech bifolding doors in kitchen extension with grey bifold doors and skylights

Alutech bifolding doors come in two panels up to seven folding panels, or even fourteen when parting in either direction. As well as this, there’s the option for a fixed or moveable corner post and even doors designed for internal use with a fully flush track.

We can make your doors open in or out, in numerous combinations of panels all folding in one direction, or bi-parting with a hinged traffic door on one side and stacking panels to the other.

Doors come double or triple glazed, including glass having the latest integral glass blinds.

High quality bifolding doors for the trade or homeonwer

At Trueglide we help builders, installers and homeowners buy quality aluminium doors and windows from some of the best UK and European brands. Alutech bifolding doors are part of our extensive range also including Cortizo and Origin and other systems. 

Contact us today for a trade quotation and discuss your property project with us.