How to choose Cortizo sliding patio doors

The Cortizo brand name is synonymous with high quality glazing systems and the most popular product are Cortizo sliding patio doors. There are two key products available, the Cor-Vision and the mid-range sliding door product, called the Cortizo 4700. We’ve put together a buying guide, helping you choose the right Cortizo slider for your project

How Cortizo sliding patio doors differ

cortizo sliding patio doors  with garden views

Within the Cortizo sliding patio doors range are two well-known products, the Cortizo Cor-Vision (also available as a Cor-Vision plus model) and the 4700.

The construction of these two doors is different as is the price. The more expensive is the Cor-Vision slider because this comes with a structurally bonded construction and is made around the glass as a result. The manufacturing is also more complex.

Therefore, the 4700 model is available unglazed, with the Cor-Vision model only available glazed.

Available at a more affordable price to the trade, builders and homeowners direct is the 4700 model. This features a conventional dry-glazed design, made in the factory unglazed, with the glass fitted on site.

Cortizo 4700 Cortizo Cor-Vision
Interlock/Mullion Sightline47mm20mm
Maximum panel sizes2.5m wide 3.0m high2.5m wide 3.0m high
Glazing Thickness Up to 34mm triple glazedUp to 30mm triple glazed
Glazing methodDry GlazedStructurally Bonded
Best U-Value1.1Wm2K1.3Wm2K
Handle TypeProjecting, 3 optionsFlush mounted only

One of the key considerations when choosing sliding patio doors is the sightline at the mullion or interlock. The Cortizo 4700 slider comes with a slim 47mm interlock. The Cor-Vision is even slimmer

How to design Cortizo sliding patio doors

Cortizo slim sliding doors in a new extension
Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding doors come with minimal 20mm mullion sightline

There are some design differences between these two sliding door models as well as some similarities.

The 4700 model suits more standard installations and is especially cost-effective as a replacement for dated doors with a more modern alternative. Cor-Vision can also work in replacement applications. However, it’s especially suitable for new build extensions, where the frame can be set into the structure reducing the sightlines even further for a truly minimalist and ultra-slim sliding door model.

Both doors come with a standard or flush track option, an open corner design and even a pocket sliding door option.

Looking for steel-look sliding doors? Then the Cor-Vision with its slimmer all-around styling suits industrial and heritage style doors better. Both door types come in the full range of RAL colours, giving you over 150 to choose from.

Even better, both of these Cortizo sliding patio doors work well inside the home. You can use them as a stylish room divider or separate a conservatory from the main room.

cortizo sliding patio doors in a new lounge renovation
The 4700 sliding doors are contemporary in styling with 47mm mullion.

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Both doors come with a single track for when you want a sliding door to go behind a fixed panel. A double-track lets both panels slide. Triple tracks suit three panel doors best, with each panel sliding independently.

As you’d expect, the security, energy efficiency and weather protection of either sliding door are excellent, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Whether you choose the Cor-Vision or the 4700 model, both sliding doors promise high quality insulated aluminium profiles, a premium powder-coated finish, high quality safety glass and excellent manufacturing quality.

Perfect for all types of property projects, we provide Cortizo sliding patio doors at fast lead times in standard colours and at trade-friendly prices and service.

Also available are our sliding patio door solutions made by Origin, also available in 20mm 44mm and 77mm sightline options.

Contact us today for a fast quotation and to discuss your project requirements. Trueglide supplies direct to the construction trade, installers, homeowners looking to buy better and for their builder to fit. Or we can arrange local installation.