A complete guide to corner bifold doors

For new extensions and creating focal-point glazing, corner bifold doors, whether fixed or fully opening, are one of the best ways of creating doors that deliver on style, functionality and a different look to regular patio doors. Whether closed on colder days or fully open in the spring and summer, corner bifold doors add a touch of style to any property project. Here’s everything you need to know about our bifolding doors range, customised in a fixed or open corner design.

corner bifold doors fully open with garden views

What are corner bifold doors?

Bifolding, bifold or folding sliding doors with a corner design are doors meeting at a 90 degree corner. The visual appeal is the larger glazing element in a property, giving more light, better views and a more open aspect when you fold the doors back.

The design of corner bifold doors is possible with both external corners, the doors going outwards, or an internal corner facing inwards. Either option gives you all the functionality and operation of a regular door set.

It is also possible to get the same opening and closing options with a low and flush threshold.

Corner bifold doors start at two panels on each side, all the way up to seven, eight or more panels. You also don’t need the same number of panels on each corner.

Fitting corner bifold doors or any specialist aluminium door product requires trained installation but we can help homeowners or builders wanting to carry out their own installation.

There are two types of corner bifold doors possible with a new extension and in some cases, an existing structure.

Fixed Corner bifold doors

fixed corner bifold doors in white colour with shadows cast in a room
Fixed corner bifold doors have a physical post that’s usually structural

The fixed corner design is essentially no different from fitting bifold doors in two separate openings. The structure has a brick or steel corner and each bifold door set fits within each aperture. In most cases this is a simple installation with the fixed corner also performing a structural role of supporting the roof.

Open Corner bifold doors

open corner grey bifold doors viewed from the outside patio area
The fully open corner requires the structure to support the roof

When you want the design of the doors to fully open back and have no visible corner post, the open corner design is used. This is a more complex design because of the structural work needed to support the roof, in the absence of a fixed corner post.  

Preparing the structure for an open corner design involves the homeowner, their builder or architect working together because here, the roof above must take the weight entirely. Usually this design is done in new extensions where a cantilevered steel is used to take the weight, and the floors above where there are rooms not a flat roof above the doors.

Open corner bifold doors with a fixed post

open corner bifolds with fixed post
An open corner set with feature supporting post

In some cases, the cantilevered design isn’t possible, therefore an additional post must be provided. However, this can actually work as a feature rather than a physical obstruction. Usually steel, brick or stone posts are created, but always use a professional builder and/or structural engineer to ensure it’s suitable.

How do corner bifold doors work?

There is no difference using corner bifold doors to a regular set of doors. The locks, handles and overall sliding folding action is exactly the same. On an open corner design, you’ll find one set having a floating post that moves with the second door set. This post also secures itself and the other side provides the locking point for the opposite corner. 

How much do corner bifold doors cost?

For fixed corner designs, the price of the bifolds is usually the same as a standard door set. For an open corner set, there’s a little more complex manufacturing involved and fitting costs are likely to be higher too. Contact us for a quote. in our standard colours or any of our special colour options.

Do you need planning permission for open corner doors?

It is assumed you’ll have taken the necessary advice regarding building a new extension with your local authority in line with usual planning permission requirements.

Origin corner bifolding doors.

Our bifolding doors range made by Origin have for years provided some of the best fixed and open corner bifolds available on the market. Made by Origin, supplied by us and available with a quality guarantee.

The personalisation and customisation options with Origin bifolds are some of the best in the entire door industry, giving you truly bespoke doors.

Alutech corner bifold doors

Made by us and available on great lead times and prices, Alutech bifolds also create spectacular corner bifolding door sets. Contact us for a fast quotation and more information.

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