Bifold Windows – should you have them?

For the replacement of existing windows or when designing a new extension, bifold windows can actually provide a better visual and functional experience to regular opening out casement windows. Where the design allows, using bifold windows gives a room all the advantages of a regular folding sliding door, in a smaller form factor. In this article, we tell you more about bifolding windows and why they might be worth exploring further.  

What are bifold windows?

bifold windows in a modern cafe

Simply put, bifold windows are smaller versions or a full aluminium bifold. They will be shorter than a door, but can go as wide as one. This means you get all the opening options possible with a standard bifold, but at a smaller size.

These smaller folding sliding windows use exactly the same aluminium profiles as the door counterpart, the same hardware and all the personalisation options available too. As a result you can benefit from smaller sightlines than other aluminium window products.

For instance, our Origin OB-49 slimline bifold has some of the slimmest sightlines on the market at just 110mm. This 110mm dimension can be smaller than a window design where two opening vents meet at the mullion. Our Alutech bifold is nearly as slim with mullion sightlines of 120mm

As well as this, you get the same excellent security, low U-Values and weather protection.

Opening options available with bifold windows

Bifold windows can open in or out, slide all to one side or have the same traffic door arrangement you’d get in a bifold, but at a smaller size. Therefore, it’s possible to open these using just one panel, so you don’t have to fold the entire module back for ventilation.

Why bifold windows can be better than regular casements

The first big benefit of considering a bifolding window design over an open out casement window is you get more of the available structural opening fully open.

When you open a regular window, even with several vents, you’ll always get mullions and transoms obstructing the view. Therefore, being able to fully open a window can be beneficial depending on where it’s located. Bifold windows are an excellent solution where projects want the maximum possible clear opening, without the restriction of the smaller vent sizes casement windows offer. For instance, some bifold door panels go up to 1.0m or even 1.2m wide – a size that’s not available with a side hung opening window. And you get the same benefit of a larger window opening because aluminium windows are also restricted on the maximum opening vent height available too.

In short, a bifold window allows you more flexibility when you simply want bigger opening windows.

Typical uses for bifold windows

bifold windows used as a balcony enclosure

The potential uses for folding sliding windows are numerous. Here are just some suggestions.

If you have a dividing wall and want the flexibility of closing or opening the space, bifold windows can work well, even working like a serving hatch.

Are you working on doors and windows for flats and apartments? Consider a bifolding window as an ideal product to close off a balcony as an enclosure. Balcony enclosures create very desirable properties because they allow the use of the limited balcony space all year round and not just in summer. An enclosed balcony is great to use in winter or as much needed extra covered space.

Fully sealed and weather resistant, your balcony now becomes an enclosed, warmer and better space that is not just for spring and summer. 

For the hospitality industry, these windows work very well in restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses. A great way to keep the shop closed during colder days and make it much more inviting for customers in the spring and summer.

Another great reason is the matching profiles throughout a property. You can have bifolding doors, single doors, French doors and now folding windows all made from the same aluminium profiles, giving a coherent look around a property.

Bifold windows made by Trueglide – get a quote today.

With panel sizes as narrow as 400mm wide and up to 1200mm high or more, bifold windows are an excellent alternative to regular windows for commercial buildings and dwellings. Contact us today for a fast quotation and lead times.