How to choose the best slimline sliding doors

If you want to improve the look of your home or need new patio doors, slimline sliding doors are the most popular because they come with thinner aluminium profiles than standard sliding doors. There are differences between many patio doors marketed as slimline sliding doors. In this article, we’ll explain some of these and why the Cortizo Cor-Vision product is one of the best in the UK when you want that all-important 20mm mullion.

Why choose slimline sliding doors?

Cortizo slimline sliding doors in a new extension
Cortizo Cor-Vision sliding doors come with minimal 20mm mullion sightline

Sliding doors have been a popular way to add value and make any home or property renovation project more appealing for years. However, not all brands are created equal!

Most of the better slimline sliding doors use a structurally bonded construction because they need the strength of the glass to take up the weight of the doors, as the profiles are so much thinner than other doors.

Many of the marketing images you see around these minimalist and near-frameless sliders actually shows you the frame hidden in the structure. This can only be done as part of a new extension and is not suitable where any of our slimline sliding doors are replacing dated patio doors. Where you are fitting new doors to an existing opening you will always have a thicker and more visible surround frame – this is the same with all products not just ours.

Why the 20mm mullion creates better slimline sliding doors

Overall, the reason slimline sliding doors are so popular is because of the thin 20mm mullion you get in the middle of a two-panel set of doors, or the two visible mullions on a three panel design.

Whether you buy them as the Cor-Vision or the Origin OS-20 product (also using Cortizo profiles), they both come with a 20mm mullion. As you look at a set of closed doors, you see this wonderful slim mullion. The effect is perfect. More glass, fewer visible aluminium profiles, reduced frame sightlines. Even better, this desirable 20mm mullion also creates fantastic views, with virtually no interruption.

Our range of slimline sliding doors has the same excellent security, weather protection and energy efficiency as our entire line up such as our Origin range offering three different mullion sightline options.

For more standard door openings such as those found in terraced houses or apartments with balconies, choosing a slimline product creates a more airy feel in the room, where the door frame doesn’t look bulky or dominate.

Slimmer doors with all the functional benefits

cortizo sliding patio doors in a new lounge renovation
All slimline sliding doors create space saving solutions

All sliding doors move along an inline track and therefore don’t take up space when open, like bifold doors or hinged French doors. Another great solution where outside space might be limited and you don’t want to compromise this on warmer days with a set of stacked or hinged doors.

Available in two panel, three panel, four or six, there is a slimline sliding doors solution for any property, old or new. For new extensions, these doors come as fixed or open corner designs, even pocket sliding doors, disappearing into a wall.

The choice of double or triple tracks, lets you choose which doors to move. You are not restricted with one fixed panel, typical of older sliding door designs.

And of course, when you want the popular low or flush track, seamless decking, slabs or floors, we can help you design this feature into an existing or new opening.

For your peace of mind security, every one of our slimline sliding doors or the standard models, comes with the best security features. Multi-point locking, secure door handles, high security key cylinders and the glass securely bonded to the frame.

Get a competitive quote today for slimline sliding doors

metallic colour sliding doors in a living room setting

Whether you choose the Cor-Vision or the 4700 model, both sliding doors promise high quality insulated aluminium profiles, a premium powder-coated finish, high quality safety glass and excellent manufacturing quality. 

When it comes to understanding slimline sliding doors, the key difference is the mullion sightline. 20mm is the thinnest, and doors are available with 24mm, 29mmm, 35mm, and 44mm, thicker on heavy-duty doors and standard sliders where the sightline is not essential to the project. Where you’re replacing old doors, you won’t get the minimal surround frame you see in many of the marketing images, but you can get a flush track. Only by hiding the frame in the structure of a new extension can you hide the visible surround frame and get a virtually frameless appearance.

Perfect for all types of property projects, we provide Cortizo sliding patio doors at fast lead times in standard colours and at trade-friendly prices and service. Contact us today and get your property or building project started with Trueglide.