The ultimate guide to the Cortizo bifold system

The Cortizo bifold system is designed to provide one of the best aluminium bifold doors in both residential or commercial property. Cortizo doors are well-engineered, modern in styling and come with some of the slimmest sightlines amongst quality aluminium folding sliding doors. They’re also very secure, energy-efficient and with excellent sealing and weather protection. Here is our ultimate guide to the Cortizo bifold system, helping you decide whether these modern aluminium bifolds are right for your project.

Style and Functionality with the Cortizo bifold system

cortizo bifold system showing doors at night with overhead lights

Cortizo bifold doors are today one of the best known brands in the UK, synonymous with stylish and slim windows, the slim 4700 sliding doors and the Cortizo bifold system itself. These expertly-made bifold doors provide the high-quality solution that you need for your residential or commercial property projects.

Whether it’s the pleasing design, the quality components or the reliability, the Cortizo bifold system is a magnificent addition to any space. The Cortizo system company, a leading name in Europe, has earned an impressive reputation for delivering some of the best-designed aluminium bifold doors.

Specifications of the Cortizo bifold system

The standout feature of Cortizo bifolding doors is their excellent specifications. These start with premium-grade aluminium profiles at an impressive 1.8mm thick, insulated with a deep thermal break. Combined with the right high-specification double or triple-glazed units, Cortizo bifolds offer excellent low U-Values and thermal performance, comfortably meeting current Building Regulations with the correct glass type.

The colours available with the Cortizo bifold system, whether you choose our standard black, grey or white or any of 150 other colours, are coated to the latest coating standards. As a result, they provide low-maintenance, easy-to-clean bifold doors and protect the aluminium beneath.

Available from two up to fourteen panels, double or triple glazed and in standard or large panel sizes. With a 73mm frame depth, Cortizo bifolds suit any replacement or new project requirement and even come in a fixed or open corner design. The doors can accommodate sash dimensions up to a width of 1,200 mm and a height of 3,000 mm, with a maximum weight per sash of 120 kg.

Of course, the low threshold and bifold track is very popular, creating a flush track and the interior flooring lining through with the external decking or slabs. Cortizo doors offer this feature, when designed into the opening or modifying an existing opening

Where you can use the Cortizo bifold doors

Cortizo bifold doors are incredibly versatile and can be used in homes, commercial properties, restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can customise them as standard bifold doors, bifold windows, or opt for the previously mentioned corner arrangement.

One of the best features of these doors is the 120mm slim sightlines, making them some of the thinnest bifolds available in the market and equal at the mullion to more expensive bifolds such as those by Schüco.

When it comes to design and installation, Cortizo bifold doors are straightforward and easy for a trained fitter to install. Easy to glaze beads, adjustment at the frame jamb, easy to fit glazing baskets and with simple adjustment of the panels, the entire Cortizo bifold door system is engineered to look modern but also installer friendly. It is also available with a range of cills, trims and add-on sections designed to suit most installation requirements.

Provided with top-quality bifold door hardware, first is the multipoint locking system providing excellent security with the doors tested to the latest security standards. The main door handles are robust yet stylish as are the intermediate handles, available in a choice of finishes. The most important feature of any bifold is how they slide and fold. The Cortizo bifold system offers one of the quietest, lightest and smoothest sliding folding actions, making them easy to use and reliable for the long-term, ensuring user-friendly operation.

Trade supply Cortizo bifold doors for homeowners and the construction trade.

white cortizo bifold doors in a kitchen setting fully open

In conclusion, Cortizo bifold doors are an excellent modern bifolding door within our overall range of products, that combines the best in modern design, functionality, and durability and with appealing styling, sightlines and visible product quality.

  • Contemporary design and overall styling
  • Slim 120mm sightline
  • Easy to fit with plenty of adjustment
  • Matching single and double doors
  • The premium and trusted Cortizo brand

Trueglide is an approved Cortizo bifold door manufacturer, and we offer this premium bifold door brand to homeowners, builders, and property professionals.

We supply the Cortizo bifold system in five working days unglazed or ten working days glazed in our range of standard colours, or slightly longer if you want a special colour. Our bifold door expertise, fast lead times and competitive prices allow you to benefit from a premium bifold with excellent specifications for your renovation or building projects. Buy from us with confidence. Contact us today for a free quotation.