Cortizo Bifold Plus – the ultimate bifolding door

The new Cortizo Bifold Plus is slimmer more advanced, with higher specifications and an even more aesthetically pleasing design. In the ever-evolving world of architectural aluminium innovation, Cortizo is one of the best UK brands and the Cortizo Bifold Plus system is no exception. Trueglide, a service-focused aluminium door trade manufacturer in Cortizo products, explains everything you need to know about this latest generation bifolding door, giving you one of the best doors for your residential or commercial projects.

Cortizo Bifold Plus Revolutionizing Space and Elegance

Cortizo Bifold Plus bifolding doors in kitchen extension with grey bifold doors and skylights

The Cortizo Bifold Plus System represents a paradigm shift in the bi-fold door market. This sophisticated system boasts an 80 mm deep frame, allowing it to merge separate environments and unite spaces. Its design not only offers ultra-modern styling, but also exceptional thermal efficiency and acoustic insulation. Thanks to its innovating 45 mm thermal break, it can also accommodate the best in double or triple glass units, up to an impressive 48 mm.

One of the most striking features of this system is its slim door mullions with the door panels in the closed position, making Cortizo Bifold Plus one of the slimmer bifold doors on the market. Measuring just 110 mm, this slim sightline and design serves a dual purpose: enhancing the door’s beauty by maximising the glass area, less visible aluminium and more natural light coming into the room.

Cortizo Bifold Plus Exceptional Features Redefining Excellence

The Cortizo Bi-Fold Plus System is not just another bifolding door; it’s a door with the latest engineering and design.

  • Superior Thermal Performance: This system achieves outstanding thermal insulation with a Uw value of ≥ 0.8 (W/m²K). The 45 mm thermal bridge breakage and its compatibility with glazing up to 48 mm ensure energy efficiency remains at the forefront.
  • Pre-Inserted Gaskets: The inclusion of pre-inserted gaskets in the frame, sash, and bead ensures faster installation, impeccable sealing, minimising energy loss and enhancing overall weather performance.
  • Security Beyond Measure: The system’s security is validated by PAS 24 Testing, a testament to its robustness. Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their property is safeguarded by cutting-edge security features.
  • Sleek Design and Adaptability: The slim 110 mm central section maximizes glazed surface area, contributing to the door’s aesthetic appeal. The system offers an adjustable jamb option, eliminating the need for sash extension and simplifying installation.
  • Effortless Operation: The double-bearing system within the gimbal stabilizer optimizes sash sliding by evenly distributing weight on inner and outer bearings during opening and closing. Pre-assembled gaskets expedite installation, reducing hassle for builders and installers.

Engineering Excellence in Numbers

The Cortizo Bifold Plus System sets new benchmarks in various dimensions:

  • Sightlines: Frame and sash both measure 80 mm, while the polyamide strip length is 45 mm.
  • Profile Thickness: The door’s profile boasts a thickness of 1.8 mm.
  • Glazing Range: A versatile system accommodating glazing from 25 mm to an impressive 48 mm.
  • Maximum Sash Dimensions: The system can handle sashes up to 1200 mm wide and 3000 mm tall, with a maximum sash weight of 120 kg.
  • Inward and Outward Opening: The system supports up to 14 sashes for both inward and outward openings, with the unique ability to create a 90º corner sash without mullion.

A reliable, high-performance bifolding door

The Cortizo Bifold Plus’s performance is rigorously tested and certified:

  • Air Permeability: Achieving Class 4 per EN 12207, the system ensures minimal air infiltration.
  • Water Tightness: Class E750 per EN 12210 ensures effective water resistance.
  • Wind Resistance: Class C3 per EN 12210 guarantees robust performance even in windy conditions.

Cortizo understands the importance of aesthetics, offering an extensive color range to match any design vision:

  • Standard Colors: Choose from Anthracite, White, and Black to suit your preferences.
  • Dual Color Range: The White/Anthracite combination provides a contemporary twist.

Supply-only Cortizo Plus Bifold Doors – get a free quote today

Cortizo Bifold Plus showing supply only aluminium doors at night with overhead lights

Elevate your property project with Cortizo Bifold Plus doors. Exquisite design, unrivalled thermal performance, and robust security features. Trueglide, your dedicated Cortizo specialists and supply-only partners bring this exceptional innovation directly to homeowners, builders, and glazing installers. Contact us today for more information.