Integral blinds in bifold doors – are they worth it?

Bifold doors with integral blinds are a popular choice for homeowners and builders. But are they worth the extra cost? The advantages of integral blinds in bifold doors outweigh any disadvantages. Let’s take a look at these.

What are integral blinds in bifold doors?

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Every one of the bifold doors range available from Trueglide comes with the option of integral glass blinds. Bifold doors are a great way to open up a space and let in light, but the large glass panels create privacy and shading considerations. For bifolding doors on South or South-West elevations, controlling light and heat become more important.

Integral blinds are glass units with the blinds, permanently and hermetically sealed within the glass. They are not separate items and are one combined safety glass unit, with the blinds built in.

Why consider integral blinds for your new patio doors?

The advantage of integral blinds in bifold doors is there’s no need for traditional curtains or blinds. Not only can these be bulky and get in the way of the door functioning properly, they also require additional fixing to your room. Integral blinds are the perfect solution – they’re built into the door so they don’t get in the way, and they provide excellent privacy and temperature control.

  • Integral blinds never need cleaning, won’t gather dust and always look fresh and new.
  • Your new bifold doors look better because they’re not obscured by curtains or blinds, providing the minimalistic aesthetic you’re looking to achieve.
  • Integral blinds in bifold doors add an extra layer of insulation to your already high-performance glass units, helping you get even better energy-efficiency
  • There are no unsightly or unsafe cords and strings you get with after-market blinds.
  • Not requiring separate curtains or blinds, saves time and money.

Some disadvantages of integral blinds in bifold doors

grey doors with integral glass blinds
  • They cost more than the standard glass units you get, which you’ll need to factor into your property project costings.
  • Because integral blinds in bifold doors need a frame or track system, they create a ‘picture frame’ look to the glass units. Whilst this is not a huge drawback, you do lose a little of the visible glass area.

Where else can you use integral blinds?

Other than very large sliding patio doors like the Cortizo system, integral blinds are available for windows, residential doors, screens and French doors. As a result, they can provide a complete shading and privacy solution for an entire property project.

How you operate integral blinds in bifold doors also come with a number of choices. From standard manual operation, electric opening, home automation app controlled and even those with solar sensors to close when the sun comes round to the doors. All of these are available options you get when choosing blinds for your new doors.

Even better is the range of colours, available in substantial choices. Therefore, you can match the RAL colour of your new bifold doors or choose a contrasting shade to make the doors and blinds look altogether different.

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