A complete guide to Cortizo COR 70 Windows

Cortizo systems are one of the most popular products right now for homeowners and builders because of their slim sightlines, excellent styling and overall product quality. For aluminium windows, the Cortizo COR 70 provides slim, well-made and stylish aluminium windows, available in a choice of frame styles and sightlines. We’ve put together this guide on Cortizo COR 70 windows to help you decide which will suit your project best.

Where you can use Cortizo COR 70 windows

Cortizo COR 70 black aluminium windows in a new kitchen

The frame designs of Cortizo COR 70 windows make them ideal for replacing dated plastic or timber windows and of course, for new build openings.

With a focus on contemporary styling, Cortizo windows don’t give you the soft rounded look of other systems. Instead they focus on a flatline and bold design, which is why they’re so popular with homeowners, architects and those looking for a modern look but also one that will stand the test of time.

Whichever Cortizo product you choose with sliding doors arguably the best known product, every product comes with thermally insulated aluminium profiles, coated with a very high quality colour finish. Combined with the right glass, Cortizo COR 70 windows are very energy-efficient with U-Values as low as 1.0Wm2K possible, or less.

Security is excellent. All Cortizo windows have multi-point locking systems, robust and stylish window handles, secure locking points, internal glazing beads and other features based on peace of mind security for the end user. And with this high security, you can expect extensive window sealing making Cortizo COR 70 weather resistant and sealed against air, wind and rain.

Cortizo COR 70 Hidden Sash Window

Cortizo COR 70 hidden sash window in a timber clad building elevation

One of the best styled windows within the Cortizo COR 70 range is the hidden sash model. As the name suggests, this window has opening vents, but the design doesn’t make them stand proud of the frame and neither are they a flush casement design. This window is the ideal product for project requiring an ultra modern design with the functionality of traditional casement windows.

  • Maximum sash dimensions are 1300 (W) x 2400 (H) mm
  • Options for side hung, bottom hung, tilt & turn, and tilt only inward opening windows are available
  • Excellent thermal insulation with U-Values of just 1.0 W/(m²K) is possible with a triple-glazed window
  • Arch invisible handle, concealed hinges and drainage create a finished look

Cortizo COR 70 Industrial TB

slimline aluminium black picture windows in a hallway setting

There’s no question the industrial look is hugely popular with replacement windows, doors and general glazing. This trend also requires larger opening elements, floor-to-ceiling picture windows and a general departure from the standard styling of other window brands. Cortizo COR 70 Industrial TB delivers great styling, functionality and overall design, suitable for modern property projects or the replacement of existing slim metal windows.

  • The window and door system provides maximum sash dimensions of 1600 (W) x 2600 (H) mm
  • Excellent U-values of just 0.9 W/(m²K) for thermal insulation (triple glazed)
  • The latest security window ratings.
  • Minimalist concealed hinges and discreet handles.
  • Excellent air, water and wind resistance

Cortizo Flush Casement and Casement Windows

black cortizo aluminium windows in a lounge setting

Of course, there are projects where the less modern window is preferred. Here, Cortizo COR 70 has the standard casement design or the flush casement option. These windows provide a stylish but more familiar residential window frame design, but unlike other brands and just like other Cortizo windows, offer similar larger opening vents and bigger window sizes. The benefit of this is larger glass panels and fewer extra mullions and transoms.

Combining the sleek aesthetics of classic square timber windows with innovative modern materials, charming Cortizo casement windows give you:

  • Elegant maximum sash dimensions of 1800 (W) x 1800 (H) mm
  • Low U-values of just 1.0 W/(m²K) for thermal insulation (triple glazed)
  • Tested to PAS24 standards
  • Side hung and top hung opening possibilities
  • A symmetrical, flush-face design option

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With a commitment to innovation and high-value-added products, Cortizo has designed many exclusive window & door systems for homeowners, the construction trade and architects. Excellent design, robust security measures, a range of opening options and no compromise on high specifications with the feeling of light or space end users expect.

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